CNA – Certified Nurse Assistant

The Certified Nurse Assistant program is a one year course open to junior and senior students interested in the healthcare field. The course is composed of a combination of subject matter and experiences designed to perform tasks of individuals receiving nursing services.  The student learns those competencies needed to perform as a nurse assistant under the direction of the registered nurse.  The units of instruction should include the role of the nurse assistant while covering general health care topics:  medical terminology; patients/clients and their environment; special feeding techniques; psychological support and, in long term and terminal illness, death and dying (e.g., chronically ill, children, new mothers, and so on); and all other basic nursing skills.  Topics covered typically include normal growth and development; feeding, transporting patients, hygiene, and disease prevention; basic pharmacology; first aid and CPR; observing and reporting; care of equipment and supplies; doctor, nurse, and patient relationships and roles; procedure policies; medical and professional ethics; and care of various kinds of patients.  This program is approved by Illinois Department of Public Health. Upon successful completion, the student is eligible to sit for the competency exam.


Certification Opportunities

  • Certified Nurse Assistant
  • CPR/First Aid

Teacher Certification

Ruth Ann Rodino

M.S. University of St. Francis

B.S.N. Northern Illinois University

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Trauma Nurse Specialist
  • CPR Instructor



  • SkillsUSA

Enrichment Opportunities

  • Clinical at OSF St. James Hospital
  • Evenglow Lodge/Evenglow Inn
  • Accolade Healthcare of Pontiac